See How You Can Make Cool Money Online With Just 1000 Naira (Must Read)

Making money online usually looks impossible for Nigerians due to the fact that there is little or no information available on this subject.

Last year I was also ignorant about the ways to make money online until I discovered that I could make money online with 1000 Naira.

You may think that I am joking but I will tell you how I started making money online with just 1000 naira.

A Journey to Making Money Online

It all began in November 2018, I had just finished the mandatory youth service and had just gotten back to my base with a lot of money.

However, within the space of two weeks, I was broke having used the money to get electronic items for my new room.  During this period, I began to search for jobs but the search was not proving fruitful and I began to search for alternative ways to make income.

I began to search online for opportunities to make money but realized that most jobs I saw were not for Nigerians. I was getting frustrated until I read a piece of information on selling gift cards that totally changed my life.

Trading Gift Cards Opens Door of Opportunity

Gift cards are debit cards that have been preloaded with cash that are normally given out by retail shops, groceries, and online stores. The popular gift card that I traded in was iTunes card given by Apple, Amazon gift card and Google Play gift card.

What I did was to search for cheap gift cards online and resell it for a higher value to make profits. I started by selling $10 gift cards. I was able to get someone that was able to sell these $10 gift cards for 1000 naira which I resold for £8 online.  Using the exchange rate of $1 = 330 Naira, $8 =2,640 Naira. I was able to make a gain of 1,640 Naira per transaction.

This continued for a month and these gains began to accumulate to the point that I began to realize 50,000 Naira a month from gift card trading.

Which platform did I use? The truth of the matter is that I was initially skeptical about selling gift cards as I was not sure that there were payment platforms that cater for Nigerians.

Also, the platforms that I read about got negative reviews but I came across an article that recommended a platform called Coincola. I checked it out and I realized Coincola is perfect for my needs.

How I Make Money Trading Gift Cards on CoinCola

The moment I checked out CoinCola, I discovered it is the best OTC gift card marketplace for trading.  CoinCola is a Hong Kong based gift card marketplace that connects buyers to sellers.

The platform is one that I enjoy trading on due to the several advantages that the site provides Nigerians. Unlike other gift card platforms, CoinCola lets you withdraw your earnings directly to your Bank account.

Also, you don’t have to worry about looking for buyers as there are lots of Chinese sellers that offer the best prices for your gift card.

I know that some of you have heard about Bitcoin the popular cryptocurrency. You can become an instant Bitcoin owner without spending money on CoinCola as some of the buyers allow you to exchange your gift card for Bitcoin.

Your money is also kept safe with an escrow system that ensures that buyers. With these advantages, CoinCola is the best option for Nigerians and was able to take advantage to earn cool money.

Exchange Gift Card For Bitcoin On CoinCola Today And Get $5 BTC Bonus!

P.s. You can also purchase Bitcoin with Naira on CoinCola and make a profit when the BTC price raises.

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